Two of my bento have worn out (what goes? the clasps.) So I went to Pearl River in Soho before some Chinatown grocery shopping and got a few more.

The first photo is of a two-tiered Chinese circular rice bowl in stainless steel. The next photo shows it disassembled.

The simple lock and latch square is from another 99 cent store, Jack’s. It was a 2 box set; the smaller one is being used to store food in the fridge but the larger one is a perfect bento size - and a new shape for my collection. It’s hip to be square.

I already have one of the 850 ml two compartment lunch boxes. They’re inexpensive and reliable.

"Sweet Family. A pleasant chit-chat having natural tasty fruits chears up our daily life. Please help yourself to some fruit full of natural taste."

There was no way in hell this one wasn’t going home with me.

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    I really need to up my bento box game, but I can’t find any good stores selling things like this near me.
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